La Jolla LASIK Institute Results Best in World

Since March, I have been submitting all my patients’ refractions, treatments, and results to an international database.

I just reviewed my results with the ophthalmologist who built and monitors the database.  He nearly fell off his chair.

It turns out that worldwide only 81% of patients are 20/20 after LASIK, and a tiny 28% are 20/16 (better than 20/20).

In contrast, 100% of my patients were 20/20 and, get this, 100% were 20/16!

He said I have the best results in the world, “and those aren’t easy treatments you’ve been doing, either!”

Wow.  I know I work fanatically to control variables to improve your LASIK outcome, but best in the world?  Wow!  How cool to have a benchmark like that, and to have the feedback that all this careful control of variables and outcomes is giving you the best possible results.

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